Special Rabi-ul-Awal Umrah Package

-Below given are the details of the Umrah Package: (Brochure 1)
List of Our Services:
1 We provide variety of packages to cater the needs of our different customers.
3 we provide nearest located hotels in Makkah & in Madinah from haram.
4 Totally air contioned busses.
5 Ziarat of Makkah Mukarma & Madinah Munawara with the knowledgeable & expert guide.
6 Quality services and tarbiyat that how to do Umrah/Hajj.
7 Time by time guidance so that you can perform your umrah with full of its soul.
1 Rates are valid till 31st January 2017.
2 Package include: Accomodation,visa charges and transport from Jed-Mak, Mak-Mad & Mak-Jed .
3 Ticket is not included in the package.
4 Package payment should be in advance.
5 If the payment is not made alongwith the passport, passport will not be processed.
6 Confirmaton of the return id compulsory for the hotel voucher, otherwise hotrl voucher shall not be issued.
7 If the passenger purchse the ticket on his own then the company have no responsibility regarding any issue arises by saudi government.
8 If incase umrah visa is cancelled then the customer has to papy SR 550.
9 Madinah-Jeddah/Madinah airport to Madinah hotel there are not included.
10 If any umrah passenger runaway or kargosh, shall obliged to pay SR. 20,000.
11 Affidavit charges Rs.500, not included in the package.
12 If a separate car rent by a passenger, is not included in the package.
1 Original new passport with minimum validity of 8 months.
2 Original CNIC/B.Form copy.
3 4 photographs(4*6CM) with the blue blackground, medical card & child polio card.
4 Veccination certification is required.